There’s nothing like an extra day off on a weekend to energize the spirits, except for maybe an extra week, or two. But yeah, long weekends are somethin’ special in my books and there’s nothing better than waking up on Sunday and knowing you still have two days (TWO!) to do whatever your heart desires.  I tend to spend more time in the kitchen on weekends and thought I’d whip something up with an old bag of chocolate chips I had on hand. Plus, cookies really don’t need much for excuses do they. (No, they do not.)

I found the recipe here, and although it did ask for an addition of nuts, I omitted them and just kept it to a cup of chocolate chips.  Go ahead and play with raisins and nuts and bits of caramel candy if your heart desires. Oh, and add about an 1/8th of a cup of flour because otherwise they do melt a bit too much in the oven.

OatmealChocolateChip.asinkremains-12 OatmealChocolateChip.asinkremains-5 OatmealChocolateChip.asinkremains-1

I planned on doing so many things, and checking off so many items off my list, but ended up just relaxing a little too much. I’ve been having a hard time focusing these days – Do you guys ever have a hard time just getting started? I’ve been hitting the wall pretty hard lately and I’m not sure how to get unstuck. I’ll sit in front of the screen, with a list to my side and then three hours later I’ll be no where closer to checking things off then when I started. Then again, I’m almost all caught up on reading all those blogs I near forgot about months ago. (To be honest it did feel good to do almost nothing all weekend, after all, if those items were that important, they would have found a way to get done. Sometimes that’s the reality of the situation folks.)

We did make it out the market Tonight to get some things for the week, and were inspired to make burgers when we saw some patties at our regular meat guy, which meant we also needed to pick up some gorgonzola and mushrooms and lots of garlic to make sure the flavour was just right. We’re subsequently happy and stuffed with burger ;)


How was your weekend? Hope you’ve all had some time to rest?



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We had a gloriously sunny weekend, and I managed to take in as much of that amazing sun as possible. I’m not entirely sure when we’re suppose to be getting this rain everyone warns me about, but for the meantime it’s been a ball.  We had the weirdest fog last week, the kind that just sat all over Vancouver, sometimes moving over for a bit of sun but for the most part was like a giant blanket over the whole city. Both creepy and romantic, ya know?

I also finally managed to get my hair cut after neglecting it for 6 months, cutting it as short as it’s ever been but I’m really happy with this 90′s bob of mine. Keep checking my instagram as I’ll most likely post something there soonish ;)

We’ve also been in the habit of taking walks on Sundays, with or without coffee in hand. For the most part every street is different, and sometimes you fall into a path that you didn’t know of before. The gardens are also something to see – as though the changing fall colours aren’t enough, the blooms are even more brilliant. I’m especially partial to the mums in their shades of red and purple and orange.  Oh, and the figs, guys, the figs aren’t even ready yet which means it’ll be bountiful for a bit longer yet. Can you tell I sometimes can’t shut up enough about Vancouver? Hells no I can’t and it’ll be a while before I simmer.

IMG_1810 IMG_1809 IMG_1808 IMG_1804 IMG_1807 IMG_1802 IMG_1799 IMG_1798 IMG_1796 IMG_1791 IMG_1793 IMG_1789 IMG_1788 IMG_1787 IMG_1786 IMG_1784
IMG_1764 IMG_1781 IMG_1762 IMG_1759 IMG_1757 IMG_1755 We’ve also been making more effort in getting to the Granville market, which is really just down the street from us. I like to pick up veggies, fruits, and the cheapest organic meat you’ll find (ever) but I do like to look at everything else too.IMG_1751 IMG_1750 IMG_1748 IMG_1749 IMG_1747



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We made it out to the Vancouver Aquarium a few weeks back to check out the jelly fish exhibition. The whole place was so photogenic that it was hard to put my camera down. I was also so smitten with all the peach tones and spots that camouflaged much of what lived in the tanks.  The jelly fish were my favourite though, some being prettier. or brighter, or even creepier… but for the most part delicate and ethereal.
Happy Sunday folks! xx

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I’ve been getting back into my old routine, slowly but surely. Walks around the neighbourhood with my camera in tow, coffee in cafes,  catching up on inspirational blogs, and reading before bed. I’ve been neglecting what I’ve always loved to do, and getting back to them has been a bit of an uphill battle. I suppose I’ve been feeling guilty for taking timeouts and being able to set time away for myself has been harder than usual.

That being said, I’m trying to get back to my old self, which includes more running (Good grief how that’s gone to the wayside!) and more quiet moments with me, myself, and I. This morning was one of the first times I just sat in front of my computer with a cup of coffee and just let myself click through pages upon pages of good stuff. Below are a few of the goodies I’ve discovered.

Greg Washington has been documenting a 3 week road trip through the states with his wife on his photo blog Another Face In The Crowd, and they’re totally giving me the urge to take a trip myself.road-trip-37 road-trip-142 road-trip-278 road-trip-405 road-trip-390

Nicole Franzen has a terrific blog (and instagram!) , on which I was re-introduced to the beautiful work of The Block Shop.  I had never been on the blog before and now I have a new favourite; full of travel, dogs, creative processes, and although I rarely read through most blogs, this one is a goodie. The first two photos are from Nicole’s blog, and the following two are from Lily’s instagram.

8894803067_e309018688_bScreen Shot 2013-10-20 at 4.56.51 PM
Screen Shot 2013-10-20 at 4.54.07 PMScreen Shot 2013-10-20 at 4.55.53 PM

The beautiful space that is Snog Productions, via Old Brand New.  The space was designed by Faith Blakeney and is oh so cool. Now, why can’t all workplaces look like this?

10076004674_c89c5b1614_b 10161639216_f98db404e0_b 10163524084_00aeb56cab_h

Loving the work of Kristina Krogh, including her great styling and beautiful site.


And a few more links!

  •  Food &_  was recently launched and I’m already smitten. I’m planning on going down to Portland some time soon and lo and behold, they have a list of places for great food in Portland!
  • I made the “Birthday Lasagna” via Food 52 last night.  made sure to have the bolognese simmering for an hour and a half and although I feel like ricotta instead of the bechamel sauce would be better, this lasagna was amazing, and even better the next day.
  • Marble is everywhere these days, and I’m really falling for this phone case by Julia Kostreva.




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Guys, it’s Fall. And can I just say that it’s been the most beautiful Fall…

The air is perfectly crisp, the sunshine is still strong, and layering is at an all time high (layers are probably how I like to dress the best. Be it an onion, I am it!) And although we’ve now been dealt with sunsets at 6:30 instead of 9pm, I am pretty darn content. Summer was hard to part with, especially since I felt like I never really had the chance to experience it (being in the office a bit more than I ought to be.) That being said, this season has been a treat; There has been anxiety over any and all rain clouds but for the most part the sun has persevered every time (I’m almost certain we’ve had less rain than Toronto! say whaaaaat?)

Then again, this girl is fully prepared with rain/weather/water proof attire which consists of blundstones and a Penfield jacket. So suck it rain, and just you try to get my spirits anything but toasty and warm.  Granted you may roll your eyes at me for buying into the official Vancouver uniform but hey… I’m almost 30 and I just couldn’t give a damn no more.  For those of you in Vancouver – do you have any other tips on keeping dry?

Jason and I have been spending more time walking around these days (and bless his heart, the man really does not like to wander…) Vancouver has been such a beautiful place for walking – every neighbourhood has its own flavour. Trendy Main street is of course one of the more entertaining walks you can do.  The flamingos below are from the Rumpus Room, which btw, does a GREAT adult slushie… ;)’ve also fallen for the awkwardly painted heritage houses that speckle the city – these were nestled together on 10th between Main and Cambie.  Also please note how GREEN the city still is! Insane! Oh, and the neighbourhood gardens. There are so many… and most are still blooming and growing away (despite the frosty nights we’ve been getting!)  I’ve heard there are some crazy wait-lists for these and I’m still partial to the gardens near our apartment.

Oh, and speaking of walking around, Jason and I made out way to Nelson’s a few weeks back – I’ve always gotten there too late for food so it was exciting to be able to get my hands on their picnic boards. So worth the wait… And despite it being a tourist attraction, I still love walking the wonky streets of Gastown.  The stores are especially pretty here. And then there are the random old buildings that dot the Vancouver “skyline” (I’m putting this in quotation because Yaletown, Coal Harbour, and much of the downtown core look so different and new) The building below one is a favourite of mine and just a few streets over on Granville close to our place.


How has your Fall been? Is there anything I shouldn’t miss in Vancouver over the season?



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Vancouver’s been the most generous hostess with her sunshine and blue skies this summer, and on this rainy evening I’m nervously expecting Fall to finally catch up with us.  That being said, I managed to remember to bring my camera enough times to catch some memories of sunsets and beaches over the last few weeks – memories that should get help me get through the fog and rain that is Vancouver in the cooler months.

We rented bikes a few weeks ago and rode around the seawall, with a break for laying on 3rd beach and enjoying some sun and ocean water. It still boggles my mind that I live by the ocean – salt water and tides and seaweed and sand. Could a girl be luckier than to live by the ocean?

We’ve also discovered a few beaches close to home – some more secluded than others, and have taken advantage by smuggling in a bottle or two of wine.  Those living by the beach have gone in and made paths and installed swings on trees, those visiting do a bit of fishing or bathe in the sun, catching both fish and rays.  It’s a beautiful thing.

Oh hey, and the tide! I’ve been caught off guard by the tide; rising so fast – which I never expected. Beaches disappear at night and reappear in the morning, with the waves leaving small memories of the night on it’s sands and behind the logs. The logs! I love the logs. They certainly give the beach perfect resting spots for those on a romantic stroll.


How has your summer gone?



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I had my first work trip with lulu at the end of July and spent a weekend and half a week in New York.  I can’t seem to get away from the city, not even for a year. I’m pulled back and every time it gets easier to navigate, but just as hard to leave.

Elizabeth joined me in the beginning, or rather, in the middle of some of the hottest swamp weather I’ve ever experienced. It was painful, to the point of oppressive.  I thought I’d be smart by creating a google map of places we wanted to check out but that fell through once we realized the free ipads from the hotel wouldn’t come with data.  Maps are honestly the best, and circling addresses was the way to go for the 3rd time running. I can’t say that we saw anything super new – although eating at Freeman’s was a real treat. Butcher’s Daughter across from our hotel, The Nolitan Nassir Zadeh in The East Village the street from The Nolitan view on The Nolitan’s rooftop view from my room at The Standard <3

 Ruby’s is so sweet – small and quiet and tasty good aussie fare.



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So summer’s been on a crazy fast track over here.  Vancouver has been a great hostess and we’ve moved into our place about a month ago.  We’re nearly set up except for a couple of desks that are needed but everyone is happy and at home (max included!)

These photos are from a few weeks ago – back before our record rain-free summer made our grass yellow and crispy. The city was lush and the beach was still beckoning for toes in some sand. Jason had his first glimpse of the straight, we had oysters on granville island, and drank coffee at parallel 49th.

Hope you’ve all had a great summer so far, I’ve missed you all.



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I tried the Granville Market on Sunday and thought it would be a good little trip before getting some work done later on in the day. There’s lots to see… but for some reason I just couldn’t get into it. There are good food stalls, but I was really trying for some great coffee and ended up at the Blue Parrot, which totally fell flat.

There were, on the other hand, some great and cheap peonies (at $1.99 per stem!) and a great stall that offered EVERYTHING i’d ever need for thai cooking.

I’d recommend taking a look around, and perhaps try the Edible Canada place. It looked good (although $$)!

Have any of you been?  Have I missed anything?



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So, this probably should have gone into my gastown post, but I figured it deserved it’s own post. You’re gonna love it, so yeah, you’re welcome.

So here’s the story: On my way over to Nelson The Seagull, I saw a street sign that pointed towards a flight of stairs. It was for a flower shop, and well you all know how much I love me some flowers right? I turned around, and walked up those stairs (how adventurous! haha) and was met by the most beautiful studio.

The Olla Urban Flower Project is a unique flower shop inspired to create socially-conscious arrangements and living containers. They build a social enterprise that is accountable to the community in which they are located, the downtown eastside (DTES), and to the environment.”

I’d never thought about flowers that needed to be socially responsible, but when you start thinking about the flower industry like other agricultural industries, you start to understand why a move to a more responsible flower industry is a much needed change.

Unlike the coffee or agricultural industry which have seen changes recently to reflect a change in social expectations (low wages for workers, pesticide usage, deforestation…etc) The flower industry is still stuck with dated expectations.  Olla sees the need for change and the whole studio offers ethically sourced flowers.

They also work towards a zero waste mandate by sending their green waste to local composting projects and working with suppliers to decrease packaging.  If you’ve ever worked with flowers, you’ll understand how much waste is involved!

Oh, and btw, those flowers are AMAZING. Please check them out. And check out their site!



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