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We went to Smith on Saturday, and can I just tell you that these guys have it spot on!?  Seriously – the decor, the food, the service, the branding… everything is a perfect 10.  I honestly couldn’t expect it to get any better, then again I haven’t done supper there so we’ll have to see :)

The menu has everything from simple, hearty dishes (that includes Southern fried chicken, pork tenderloin, bangers and mash and plenty of appetizers to share, like deep-fried artichokes, poutine, and olive and charcuterie plates.) to home-made deserts and yummy drinks.  Take a look:

How amazing are these menus?  These pictorial menus are printed on newsprint and are really, really great looking.  

And then of course we order food – and it’s perfect. The scones ($6)  come with raspberry preserves and yeah, there were pieces of actual vanilla bean in it. The whipped cream was also made in-house.  Delicious as they were, I’d suggest asking for them warm… yum!

Unfortunately we all ordered the same dish – eggs benny ($14) so I can’t give you other pictures. What can I say other than they were also perfect, I mean, look at that thick-cut ham!!!  And usually the potatoes are merely a side – a nice change of flavour in between egg and Hollandaise (also made in-house) but guys, they were deep fried pieces of sheer goodness. Do I need to say more?


They’re open  Wednesday-Thursday 5pm-11pm, Friday 5pm-12am, Saturday 11am-4pm (brunch) 5pm-12am (dinner), and Sunday 11am-4pm (brunch). Go go go!!  Let me know if you go for supper :)



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  1. Jess September 29, 2011 at 4:32 pm #

    I walked by this place the other day as I was going to Lola’s for brunch. Scones look good. Are those apple slices on them?

    • admin September 29, 2011 at 7:55 pm #

      Nope! Those are peach slices. The preserves were strawberry that day, and had been made with vanilla bean. The ham on the eggs benni was so tender too… I was just telling my friend that we need to head back for Dinner, should do that ASAP!


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