Random Likes 2

Hey folks, How is everyone? I’m currently in Ottawa for a week, so my posting won’t be totally regular. But I’m ok with that.  See,  I’m taking a little break from life.  Sometimes people need them to refresh and reflect – whether it’s a weekend trip to a different city, or maybe even doing something out of the ordinary. I’m at home, with good friends and family, and it’s all I want right now – of course regular sleep-ins and yummy food helps too :)

 This week has had it’s ups and downs, starting off, unfortunately, with Jack Layton’s death on Monday.  Reading his beautiful farewell letter really reminded me to live to the fullest and to take advantage of every moment, and yeah, that sounds crazy cheesy, but so be it. It’s true.  Thanks Jack.

Other than that, there have been a few more downers… love has it’s moments of being unpredictble and sometimes it can be rough, but heck it’s part of it isn’t it?  Without the bitter we could never really appreciate the sweet. 

Here are a few things that have been keeping me inspired/happy as of late. (This post has been 2 days in the making so far, I’m useless without my adobe programs, so sorry…!)

This lady has great style. This dress and these boots are now on my most-wanted list.

This Pizza. That crust, with an abundance of fresh mushrooms and chunky cheese, and that lovely drizzle of (expensive) olive oil is makin’ my mouth water!

 Jacinta Moore’s photos of her travels, especially this one. Make sure to check out her flickr too!  (Unless of course you’re a jealous ninny like me, because you’ll go ruin an hour of your life trying to think of ways to runaway for months so you can also go float in european water…) 

 This oh so romantic photo featuring Jocelyn and Jeremy (jason if you’re reading, add this to our to-dos…)

 My friend John – he just opened his restaurant and it’s fantastic. Check it out – your mouth will water…

And a few links for you too!

Hope your week is going well so far.  See ya in a few :)


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  1. Gaby [The Vault Files] August 30, 2011 at 9:08 pm #

    Oh that pizza!!! Coincidentally I’m waiting for a homemade mushrooms and goat cheese pizza that’s in the oven ;) Love the whole outfit from the first pic!

    • admin August 31, 2011 at 11:08 am #

      Oh I’m so jealous! Hope it was delicious!

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