Happy Friday folks! What a week – slumps and all. I’ve overcome most of it (mind over matter guys!) and hopefully have gotten back into my running too – all thanks to you ;)  I’m really excited aout my upcoming weekend and should have lots of fun stuff to share! More good things this week:

  1. I had my best run yet on Thursday – the longest and fastest one I’ve had so far. A fresh mindset and new music set the tone for it and I kicked that slump in the butt.  A BIG thank you to all of you who offered advice and music options for me. I owe you big xx
  2. And on that note – I signed for another run clinic starting in October!
  3. I threw out half my wardrobe. yes, half. I’m in a crazy cleansing mode (happens about 4 times a year!) and donated everything I hadn’t worn in over 6 months. Even the stuff with tags still on them – I won’t miss them and it’ll make room for a small selection of quality, curated pieces for fall and winter.
  4. We’re going to a wedding this weekend. I should mention we aren’t going to the actual ceremony (which is closed off to close family – smart!) but the reception festivities will be crazy fun.
  5. My Ole Henriksen regime is working like a dream – my skin is the nicest it has ever been and I can’t be happier with the results. I’ve had the same little jars for two months now and they’re still going strong – what a value!  (Thank you Catherine for the recommendation!)

As for my finds?

Score & Solder have some of the most beautiful terrariums I’ve ever seen, and their lookbook is beautiful too. (You’ll love the DIY over at Wit & Whistle (only photos – but stunning nonetheless!))
And then there’s this beautiful leather plant hanger by Make Smith.
I’ve been going through a ceramic kick these days, and I’m mildly obsessed with these glaze sample shots.
And speaking of Ceramics – I love the salt and pepper look of this glaze on Victoria Morris’  pieces. Gorgeous and so organic…
I love this shot of Hillary and Bill.  You know, just hangin’ before either of them were big deals.
And finally, a recipe for compost cookies! Yummm.
And a few fun links for you too!
  • I’m dyin’ over this bag. Seriously, it’ll be mine soon enough.
  • I’ll be recreating this, but with a better tank and font. ;)
  • I’d like this for breakfast on Sunday, please and thank you.
  • How to style a bed.
Oh! And I’ve been reorganizing my pinterest account and have new boards that feature some of my favourite blogs. Come over for a visit if you’d like :)
Have a great weekend xx

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3 Responses to FRIDAY FINDS + 5 THINGS

  1. Lindsey August 24, 2012 at 4:45 pm #

    noemie this entry of friday finds + five is just what i needed this week!
    please share the recipe for those delicious looking cookies please! :D
    also, the link for dressing the bed is great…i have two headboards to make for a client and i can’t wait till they’re done so i can share some pics with you! glad to see that colour and pattern are making a few moves in the bedroom!
    and i LOVE LOVE LOVE the speckled clay pieces you featured!!! i really need to get your wedding gift to you ;)
    lastly i think i’m convinced to at least try the skin regime you’ve been following…my skin is an absolute mess lately and i need to change up what im doing so i think i’ll have to bite the big $$ bullet and go for it :)
    hope you have a great weekend lovely xo

    • Noémie August 26, 2012 at 6:38 pm #

      I’m so glad you liked it :) The bed ideas are fun – a bit too dressed up for me but fun nonetheless! I’m looking into taking a pottery wheel class soon, hopefully I’ll be able to make my own speckled bowls soon :) AND please do try Ole Henrikssen! It’s amazing!

  2. Suzanna November 13, 2012 at 4:35 pm #

    These cookies! That Hillary and Bill shot! Nice post.

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