Guys, it’s Fall. And can I just say that it’s been the most beautiful Fall…

The air is perfectly crisp, the sunshine is still strong, and layering is at an all time high (layers are probably how I like to dress the best. Be it an onion, I am it!) And although we’ve now been dealt with sunsets at 6:30 instead of 9pm, I am pretty darn content. Summer was hard to part with, especially since I felt like I never really had the chance to experience it (being in the office a bit more than I ought to be.) That being said, this season has been a treat; There has been anxiety over any and all rain clouds but for the most part the sun has persevered every time (I’m almost certain we’ve had less rain than Toronto! say whaaaaat?)

Then again, this girl is fully prepared with rain/weather/water proof attire which consists of blundstones and a Penfield jacket. So suck it rain, and just you try to get my spirits anything but toasty and warm.  Granted you may roll your eyes at me for buying into the official Vancouver uniform but hey… I’m almost 30 and I just couldn’t give a damn no more.  For those of you in Vancouver – do you have any other tips on keeping dry?


Jason and I have been spending more time walking around these days (and bless his heart, the man really does not like to wander…) Vancouver has been such a beautiful place for walking – every neighbourhood has its own flavour. Trendy Main street is of course one of the more entertaining walks you can do.  The flamingos below are from the Rumpus Room, which btw, does a GREAT adult slushie… ;)

OctLongWknd.asinkremains.com-12 OctLongWknd.asinkremains.com-11We’ve also fallen for the awkwardly painted heritage houses that speckle the city – these were nestled together on 10th between Main and Cambie.  Also please note how GREEN the city still is! Insane! OctLongWknd.asinkremains.com-16 OctLongWknd.asinkremains.com-17 Oh, and the neighbourhood gardens. There are so many… and most are still blooming and growing away (despite the frosty nights we’ve been getting!)  I’ve heard there are some crazy wait-lists for these and I’m still partial to the gardens near our apartment. OctLongWknd.asinkremains.com-20

Oh, and speaking of walking around, Jason and I made out way to Nelson’s a few weeks back – I’ve always gotten there too late for food so it was exciting to be able to get my hands on their picnic boards. So worth the wait…

VanScenery.asinkremains.com-4 VanScenery.asinkremains.com-6 And despite it being a tourist attraction, I still love walking the wonky streets of Gastown.  The stores are especially pretty here.  VanScenery.asinkremains.com-9 VanScenery.asinkremains.com-12 And then there are the random old buildings that dot the Vancouver “skyline” (I’m putting this in quotation because Yaletown, Coal Harbour, and much of the downtown core look so different and new) The building below one is a favourite of mine and just a few streets over on Granville close to our place.


How has your Fall been? Is there anything I shouldn’t miss in Vancouver over the season?



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  1. Emily Lynne @ The Best of this Life October 18, 2013 at 6:02 pm #

    Looks like some great walking around to do. Love the picnic board serving platter – that’s such a great way to enjoy food!! Fall has been hot/cold here in Ottawa, so we keep switching, right now it’s settled on a more typical Autumn weather – the leaves have all turned and Gatineau is surely ablaze. We’re planning a pumpkin patch outing soon! Beautiful snapshots Noemie!

    • Noémie October 20, 2013 at 6:34 pm #

      Oh I loved your pictures from the Gatineau Park! And a pumpkin patch visit would be so fun – make sure to keep an eye out for those ghost pumpkins! Vancouver has been incredibly sunny and we’ve only just now had three days of fog :)

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