So I finally bit the bullet and made macarons over the weekend. I kept pushing it off because I kept hearing how hard it would be.  And then I bought a bunch of eggs and turned them into a meringue and made me some macarons. It’s actually much easier than I thought, although that being [...]

I Made Bread

Guys, I made bread. And not any kind of bread, GOOD bread.  The recipe has been around for a while now, but I’ve only read about it recently and I’m so thankful that I have.   I found it through The Veda House, who linked to a post from Lark and Linen. It calls for [...]

Crunchy Chocolate Toffee Bits

Ok. Here’s my warning. These, are wicked addictive. There are only four ingredients. Yes, four. And one of them are saltine crackers (ghetto yeah but aren’t those the best kind?) And yes those four ingredients combined make up this delicious, addictive treat you’ll probably want to make over and over but won’t because well, it’s [...]

Easy Chicken Stock

There are a few things in life I feel like everyone ought to know how to do, and Chicken Stock is one of them.  Not only is the store bought stuff full of salt (that’s pretty much all it is) but well, it’s not even real chicken. And guys, homemade chicken stock is so easy [...]

DIY Antipasto Plate

I love Thursdays, but all days that lead to Friday are generally good in my books so I’ve been pretty pumped today.  I was only planning on going to the gym for a half an hour today, but then 45 minutes and a whole lot of sweat later I convinced myself to get somethin’ special [...]

Cinnamon Rolls

One thing I love to do when I go home is bake, and  what I always bake when I’m home are Cinnamon Rolls. There is a recipe that I follow every time because it’s foolproof and it always turns out perfectly. And I love cinnamon rolls, like, really really love them. The only problem is [...]

Fresh Lime Juice

Hey guys!  Today was gorgeous no? Sunny, and warm, and altogether lovely. I’ve been making this ever since I had brunch over at Saving Grace a few months back, and thought some of your might want to give it a try too… (seriously, it’s been my go-to drink for everything this summer! Incredibly refreshing!) Take [...]

Saturday BBQ

Oh, I can’t even think of the last time I ate so much food.  To the point where I was nauseous. It was disgusting. BUT the food was so good it was too hard to pass up (I also have no control over my food consumption apparently) We had this delicious cheese (for serious : [...]


I’ve been trying to find tasty recipes to integrate into my dangerously awful buffet-style diet (seriously, this winter has seen too many pounds added to my waist ughhhh) Summer’s a comin’ and I need to get back into dress and high-waisted denim shape (’cause they ain’t all that appealing to look at on a bigger [...]