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Sometimes I get lucky and find beautiful things like this look book when I’m not even looking. Ashley, of Fancy Fine, was wonderful enough to feature House of Maryanne‘s beautiful look book on her blog and I of course, thought it apt to share with all of you.

Raise your Gin and Tonic for the arrival of House of Maryanne‘s newest lookbook — TRUE PREP. Students are not the only ones going back to school this season, fashion is too. Preppy style – the cardigans and sweaters, pleated skirts, duffle jackets and sweet blouses associated with America and Britain’s academy-oriented upper crust.

I love the look – vintage and yet incredibly fresh in current trends.


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Friday Finds + 5 Things

Oops! It’s Saturday!  Things happen!  This week hasn’t been the best in recent memory.  I’ve had better, but on the other hand I have all these ideas – nearly bursting with them, so things are looking up.  The top happenings of my week, in no particular order:

  1. I’m running regularly again. It feels so great, especially since I’ve been running in the mornings. My days are so much nicer.
  2. Wednesday was crazy – and by crazy I mean crazy hot. I went and bought all this fruit to make popsicles with. I can’t seem to find any good popsicle molds anywhere and had to get these cheap jelly belly themed ones just to have something. Does anyone have any tips on good molds and sticks?  (I want something like this, but without the 6 week wait.)
  3. I made another lasagna last night, but with a tomato sauce base. It was crazy good. Fresh pasta sheets make the job so much easier, and much faster.
  4. I was told a few times that my skin is glowing this week. I guess those Ole Henriksen products I purchased over last weekend are doing a great job. Yeah!
  5. I was featured on Katie Tower’s blog in her Best Of Lifestyle series.  I’m really flattered, especially considering the company I’m with.  Thanks Katie!
And first off on my Finds:

Anabela took the prettiest photos of the Kinfolk dinner she attended. Needless to say, I’m jealous.  Her loot bag was pretty fantastic too.

And then of course there’s Crystal Meers on Closet visit with her adorable bangs and bright red lipstick.

Emma’s mood boards are so beautiful.

I’m crazy about these wall hangings that I found on the Brick House. Holy moley they are amazing – and she has more! Check ‘em out here, and here.

And finally,

This outfit and those bangs on the Sweet Thing blog. Love ‘em both.



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Friday Finds + 4 Things

Hi friends, how is it end of day on Friday already? Amazing!

  1. I’ve found three possibilities for wedding bands. Problem is, they’re all beautiful.  Can you help me chose?
  2. I met up with Nada from Friends With Both Arms, and she’s just as lovely as I’d expected.
  3. It was 16 degrees on Wednesday. Glorious. Can’t wait for a repeat on Sunday!
  4. It’s Daylight Savings this Sunday – less 1 hour of sleep (boo) but 1 more hour of sunlight (yay!)
And my Finds?

I absolutely love this Breakfast Project by bamsesayaka.

I’m more and more convinced that old jars and whimsical flowers will grace the tables at my wedding. Exciting!  Saipua has this perfected.Silje Aune Eriksen‘s apartment is insanity. Pure amazing insanity. (via Door Sixteen)I’d love to try this Blood Orange Gin Sparkler.And the polaroids of Geronimo‘s Spring 2012 are beautiful…



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Friday Finds + 5 Things

Woah! Today went by like a flash and although I had a few pics up on this post, it stalled for most of the day and I’m only getting to it now.  It’s nice when it’s late and the weather is terrible and you’re in your pj’s and you’re listening to something like this or this and thinking of your first dance… ♥

Good things happened this week – check it out.  Hope you all had lovely days this week too.

  1. I ran 16 minutes last night. Awesome! My chest felt great and my legs were pumping, but on my way to 17 I got crazy stomach cramps.  Bummer. Turns out I shouldn’t have gulped all that water and ate a handful of candy right before heading out. oops.  Going for 25 next time (2.5 miles!)
  2. We got some sun! And I made BREAD!
  3. I’ll be in NYC in exactly one week.  Where to go?
  4. I’m adding a bit to my blog here and there. I’m liking it.
  5. I’m nearly done designing my invites. heck yes.
As for my Finds…


Love this DIY for dip-die ribbons via Ruffled. (white velvet in minty green or light peach ombré?)
These nails done by Christina Rinaldi at Prima Creative are amazing. (via The Shape of Things)
My friend Mariel has a green thumb. She is really good with plants and has a knack for making them look so beautiful.
As blogged by everyone by now, but whatever it’s stunning: photos from ASOS SS12 from Park & Cube.
The opening scene from Untamed Heart. Especially inspired by the perfume application.

These are chocolate donuts with a blood orange glaze. enough said.

This bull planter, although pricey, is adorable.

And finally, these girls from Vanessa Jackman. How pretty!  (here and here) I especially love the hair on the second girl.



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Girl Crush

It’s been a while since I’ve done a real fashion post and since I’ve been crushing on this girl’s style for a while now, I figured I should share.

Eleonora Carisi, is something of a wonderwoman; She owns her own store, is a model, a blogger, and a style photographer (yup, jealous x5)  She also does a mean deep side part and has a beauty mark that rivals Cindy Crawford’s. Oh yeah, and she’s Italian.  Check her out would ya?

via Botonist

via Valentine Ovah and  The Sartorialist

via Ekoas

via The Street Fashion 5 Exprovia Fora MTV

What about you? Have any new fashion muses?


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How I Met Your Style

I’ve recently found How I Met Your Style through pinterest and love it’s style already. They have a few good shoots and I’m especially fond of Ashley Glorioso‘s post.

Every fashionista is a bit of a diva on the inside. When the camera comes out, so does her model gaze, her sexy pout, and a swish of the hips. Ashley is all that plus a little bit of quirk and a lot of fun, from tip-toeing and sneaking around on the top of her roof to busting out her signature “drunken fairy” pose.  She keeps busy by styling for Planet Blue and millions of other side projects, but we’re sure that she’s probably up for anything as long as she can bring out her true self and her little pup.

Check out the full post here. Lots of goodies!



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Heidi Merrick S/S 2012

I’m sure most of you are not thinking about spring with this impending cold coming (-19 with windchill? eep!) but I swooned the second I saw this Spring Summer collection from Heidi Merrick.

Those colours, textures, shapes… so lovely. They make me want to travel half way across the world and relive my summer in one of those yellow dresses!

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Fancy Fine

Sorry guys! I’ve been bad and haven’t posted anything for Wedding Wednesday! oops!  To be honest there hasn’t been any big developments so I’ll keep the post for next week.

On another note, I hope you enjoy the following pics from Ashley Ording, the lady behind Fancy Fine.  I love her style and her blog has such a great voice to it. Go on and pay her a visit will you? She’s fun!  Oh, and have I mentioned her cat‘s name is Donut!? Awesome.

I’ve always been weary of style posts, probably because I could never relate. And sometimes I find it a little obnoxious. But then, Ashley shows up and she has fun, and actually gives life to old vintage pieces, which I love.  I feel like her clothing are a real reflection of her personality, instead of the other way around.  Isn’t that what it should be about?

(pssst – my favourite part is at 2:30… hehe)

If you like her, go say hi. She also has a very sweet vintage shop that you can visit here.



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Dress Up 2011 Lookbook

Thanks to Diana for introducing me to this gorgeous Dress Up lookbook by And.

I love the matt paper and muted colours, and especially, love the folded pages.  I feel as though it’s a perfect compliment to what Dress Up is all about:

Dress up is a fashion label by designer stephanie downey. Driven by a desire to create clothing that reflects human emotion, her objective is a more sensitive, artistic approach to fashion.  


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Friday Finds

Happy Friday morning folks. Hope you all had a decent great week.

What are your plans for the weekend? I gotta say , I hope I get a few street shots this weekend. So dress your best will you? And other than that maybe a brunch somewhere in there as well?

I’ve got a few goodies, as most of my Fridays do. Hope you enjoy them!

First up, Silke Neumann on Freunde Von Freunden.  I love these interviews/apartment peeks.

These photos by the69th are just stunning and make me very very happy.

Andrew B. Meyers’ photos are kinda cheeky, and oh so pastely. Pastels, as some of you may know, are the key to my heart. And yeah, his website is kinda cool too (via Moxee :)

I love what Veda House is doing for the holidays – ultra stylized gift guides via guest posts at Emmadime. Gorgeous.

Collection 2 by Cecilie Bahnsen (via Where The Lovely Things Are)

Cerruti 1881 Spring 2011 | Caterina Ravaglia by Paolo Roversi (via Thunder In Our Hearts)

And finally, collar clips via wish wish wish… :)



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