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Williamsburg / Greenpoint

Happy Tuesday folks!

Well this is my third, and last post on my NY trip.  This final one will focus on a few places I visited in Williamsburg and Greenpoint.  There were loads more places – but I often forgot about the camera and missed out on taking more shots. Oh well – next time!

Bird (203 Grand Street) was our first stop – it’s a great store that’s well curated and also has one of two Warby Parker showrooms.

Task (100 North 3rd Street  ) is also a really lovely store with a focus on the home. Amazing home decorations, soaps, and mugs I wanted to bring home with me.

Mast Brother’s Chocolate (105 North 3rd Street) is available all over New York, but really hard to find outside of the city so we stopped by the tasting room and bought a few bars. 

Future Perfect (115 North 6th Street) is a really great collection of affordable and design-oriented housewares and goodies. 

Toby’s Estate Coffee  (125 N 6th St) It was super busy when we got there, so I got my flat white to go but otherwise would have waited for a slow drip coffee instead. 

Five leaves (18 Bedford Avenue) in Greenpoint was amazing. Definitely make a stop here if you have time. The food is really lovely; muesli with nuts and fruit, fluffy pancakes with fruit and honeycomb whipped butter, mushroom and poached egg on toast.

And since I didn’t take more photos, here are a few more places you should check out if you have the time! A big thanks to all who gave me great suggestions too! (ie: Jill, Patricia, and Alex)


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