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Resolutions + Running

Guys, I start my running class tonight.

I’m happy about it, and also kinda freaking out a little, which means I’m dealing with concerns like these:

  1. I’ll be the only one coming straight from work, and will have to change out of  my normal stuff into my running stuff (and where do I put my normal stuff?!) and will forget something like my running jacket, or possibly shoes. worst.
  2. Everyone coming in and out of that store is a size 4. maybe a 6. I’m not… major concern. (although running should help remedy this?)
  3. Wedgies?  Seriously guys, my pants are pretty tight and stretchy. What if???
  4. I know this is a “learn to run” class… but I’m pretty sure I’ll be the only one learning to run. Everyone else will be running circles around me :(
  5. My face. It gets mighty red.
  6. I will freeze my ass off. It’s January and I’ll be running outside. The “jacket” and “layering sweater” I purchased for a lot of money are so thin I can scrunch them up and stick ‘em in my back pocket. And yeah, I know it’s all about “layering” but damn it I need more.
  7. Ice. Will I need these.
  8. Seriously guys, it’s like -20 outside. What the hell am I doing.
  9. I don’t have a water bottle/keys/wallet/scrunchie/phone/etc belt. Do I need one? Probably yes.  Good thing I don’t own a small dog.
  10. I don’t have a gps watch. What the heck does a gps watch do?
I know, I need a slap in the face but sometimes I jut freak out.  And then I force myself to remember things like my year in China, and the two months I spent backpacking alone.  And guys, I’ve jogged before. I’ve just never been able to sustain long stretches so I suppose it’s about time I get back on the horse.  I also found beautiful motivational posters (yup) to get me going.  They’re by Julian Bialowas (found here.), and they’re actually quite beautiful.
Oh, and guys, Wish me luck!
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