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I had such a great weekend, albeit quite indulgent.

I woke up quite early on Friday morning – for no reason at all but noticed this incredible sky.  I quickly took a few photos and climbed back into bed.  Check out that moon.My niece came down to visit while on a work trip and we took her to Peter Pan – the weather was perfect and we sat outside on their patio.

I’ve been there a few times, and it’s not perfect in any way but I love it. On Saturday I had brunch with friends at Swan.  We were originally suppose to try Beast but they were closed for a private affair. Ah well – Swan was just as I remembered it from my university days.Elizabeth had the Huevos Rancheros and Sammi had the Hangtown Fry. I had the special of the day – an egg sandwich.We walked so much – from Queen and Spadina to Queen and Roncesvalles, and then down the waterfront all the way back to Strachan up to Queen West and Spadina. Such a gorgeous day of walking.

We stopped by the water for a break.  The water sparkled.And then had ice cream and coffee at White Squirrel.  I had the Malt Ball Crunch. yum.There were bees and flowers on my walk home.

And then on Sunday we started over again with brunch at Weslodge for a my friend Mariel‘s birthday. That place was a bit intense in the sense that it was super commercial and contrived but you had to respect the work that was put into a place like that. Everything is custom and beautiful but definitely not your typical charming hole in the wall.

We had biscuits with jam, an organic turkey club, and some bison pastrami sandwiches.

Yes, bison. Mariel‘s friend does nails. She got her nails did for her birthday.And I decided it was good time to plant a few of my more mature succulent babies into little planters.  I’ll let them get accustomed to their pots and hand them out to friends.

I apologize for the terrible paint job.

And that was it! Supper on Sunday consisted of a bibb salad with chicken and avocado, and some yellow beans. It was delicious.

How was your weekend friends?  Did anyone get to the Ex?



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Friday Finds + 5 Things

Oops! It’s Saturday!  Things happen!  This week hasn’t been the best in recent memory.  I’ve had better, but on the other hand I have all these ideas – nearly bursting with them, so things are looking up.  The top happenings of my week, in no particular order:

  1. I’m running regularly again. It feels so great, especially since I’ve been running in the mornings. My days are so much nicer.
  2. Wednesday was crazy – and by crazy I mean crazy hot. I went and bought all this fruit to make popsicles with. I can’t seem to find any good popsicle molds anywhere and had to get these cheap jelly belly themed ones just to have something. Does anyone have any tips on good molds and sticks?  (I want something like this, but without the 6 week wait.)
  3. I made another lasagna last night, but with a tomato sauce base. It was crazy good. Fresh pasta sheets make the job so much easier, and much faster.
  4. I was told a few times that my skin is glowing this week. I guess those Ole Henriksen products I purchased over last weekend are doing a great job. Yeah!
  5. I was featured on Katie Tower’s blog in her Best Of Lifestyle series.  I’m really flattered, especially considering the company I’m with.  Thanks Katie!
And first off on my Finds:

Anabela took the prettiest photos of the Kinfolk dinner she attended. Needless to say, I’m jealous.  Her loot bag was pretty fantastic too.

And then of course there’s Crystal Meers on Closet visit with her adorable bangs and bright red lipstick.

Emma’s mood boards are so beautiful.

I’m crazy about these wall hangings that I found on the Brick House. Holy moley they are amazing – and she has more! Check ‘em out here, and here.

And finally,

This outfit and those bangs on the Sweet Thing blog. Love ‘em both.



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This Weekend

Weekends just aren’t long enough these days. I blink and they’re gone, especially the warm sunny kinds like we had this weekend.

We started with a really good brunch at Keriwa Cafe near Roncy on Queen. I loved the glass coffee cups and hey, the food was super delicious too. I had the Brown Butter Eggs Benny and Elizabeth had the Picnicham Hash.  I would definitely go back for supper.  (Oh, for more photos, check out Patricia’s blog.)

After a bit of walking and shopping we stopped by Dlish and had some cupcakes – that’s Nutella in the forefront and Salted Caramel in the back.

And not to sound too indulgent, but we did have supper at Bahn Mi Boys after having walked all over the city.  It was my first time trying them out and I loved the steamed buns. 

I bought striped straws from the Paper Place. They’re cute but I’m used to plastic so I’m not sure I’ll be buying paper again – I get weirded out about glue and wet paper… 

Oh and I finally found a black Baggu pouch. It’s currently holding all of my random bits in my purse.

I made a big breakfast on Sunday – much needed after celebrating a friend’s birthday the night before.And I made a tissue paper garland – could have used a nicer colour but it’s pretty limited at the dollar store :/  Either way, I like the way it looks hanging off frames in our bedroom.


How was your weekend?



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This Weekend

I got a lot of sleep done this weekend. A lot. Which is to say that I am now fully-rested but a bit on the bored side. It’s good really since that hasn’t been a feeling I’ve had for a while.  And of course now I feel a little guilty because I clearly haven’t done enough with my weekend… Sigh.

I had brunch on Saturday at Mildred‘s. Yummy, although their espresso machine was broken so we were stuck with regular coffee.   The egg benny on croissant was delicious – and yes I think those were mustard seeds in that hollandaise.  The grilled cheese missed fries, or a salad, or something but at least it came with delicious tomato chutney.  It’s on my list of must-get-recipes.  I think I’ll try this at home next time.

We headed to the City of Craft show after, which turned out to be really good. I came out with a tote from Morico and a screen print from Raymond E. Biesinger

We also spent some time up on Queen W and Parkdale looking for gifts and I ended up buying all sorts of great stuff, mainly home-made jams and fudge and journals and teas. I’m tempted to keep it all for myself. :/

Oh, and I also made marshmallows. I followed this recipe (but used raw sugar-hence the beige colour) which turned out pretty successful, considering I have no candy thermometer and used the soft-ball technique. Also, I poured the whole sticky mess on a cookie sheet when I should have just used a deep glass casserole dish to get some nice cubes but that’ll be for next time. For now I have nice flat squares which taste pretty great with some hot coco on these wicked cold nights.

Speaking of cold, It’s cold. that’s it. Really Really cold.  But at least the sunsets are still pretty… Even if they do happen at 2 in the afternoon.

Hope you all had a great weekend!



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This weekend

Hey happy Monday folks! Hope you had a nice weekend… Mine was definitely full of food again, and some shopping and birthday fun for a friend on Saturday.

Friday was off to a good start with this meal. Sprout and feta salad, with acorn squash and chicken stew. A friend of mine gave me some sunflower and pea shoot sprouts and I’ve been loving them as salad subsitutes ever since…

I had brunch at L’Ouvrier, which is always a nice place to have food. The fried egg sandwich with fries were delicious, as was the french press coffee.  We also made a visit to the Handmade Holiday show and I walked away with some great silk screened Christmas cards from Kid Icarus.

I also made a roasted veggie soup on Saturday based on this recipe.  I added red pepper for sweetness and mushrooms for an earthy kick. The carrots were roasted after as a side since I had few too many.

I spent my sunday sleeping in, and running a few errands. I also made some chicken broth, and will be posting the recipe for that tomorrow. Keep your eyes peeled!

Hope you all have a great start to the week,



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This Weekend

Happy Monday guys! (or well, hey, it’s Monday! for those of us aren’t friendly with this day of the week.)

I’m pretty pumped about my weekend – did some shopping and brunching on Saturday and had a generally great productive day on Sunday – full of food and cleaning and relaxing. And hey, I didn’t do one ounce of work and it felt glorious. Sometimes you gotta give yourself a break right?

Went to Saving Grace (more photos here, and here) for brunch on Saturday. What can I say, it’s always delicious, and yeah the wait is crazy long (like 40 minutes) but Ella’s Uncle is right across the street and they make one mean americano so it’s nice to sip and talk while you wait. You can also check out Ezra’s at the end of the street too – their coffee is wicked good as well.  So many options folks! It’s all about relaxing guys, no need to rush!

I also came home on Thursday (ok not really the weekend but whatevs) with a lovely dress from Topshop. I have a few ideas for this dress and although it looks super sheer in this photo, it’s actually way more socially appropriate in person (unlike this lady!)

And then on Sunday, well it was rainy so it was the perfect time to just get things done at home. The fridge was cleaned out, groceries were picked up, and I made a slew of delicious home-cooked meals including a chicken pot pie, chicken soup with homeade broth, a real caesar salad, and to top it off? An apple pear crisp. Dellll-i-ciousss.

Chicken soup with potatoes, whole garlic, parsnips, carrots, parsley, onions, and croutons.

People, real chicken broth needs bones. and time, and delicious things like bay leaves and garlic and onions, and herbs like parsley.

I’ve used the Tartine Casear Dressing recipe for a while now. It never disappoints and it’s authentic. 

Mmm apple and pear crisp (used this recipe - I halved the sugar, and added 1/2 a real vanilla bean…yum!)

Oh yeah, and max was the cutest all weekend. I love it when he sleeps on his back and his belly spills over and his little paws hang in the air. Adorable.


Hope yours was just as nice :)


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This Weekend

Oh hey guys, hope you all had a lovely weekend!

The weather was gorgeous – to the point where I almost thought “hey I could do this forever” because it was sunny and fresh and so lovely. ok maybe not forever, I’m still totally a summer bum but it was pretty nice out.

Elizabeth and I went to brunch at Lakeview (I know, I know… what took me so long) and had Eggs Lakeview and Freedom Toast (check out their menu here.)  And while I enjoyed the food, I kinda think I’ll be sticking to smaller places next time.

We spent the rest of the afternoon shopping at Yorkdale (I thought I might suffocate from claustrophobia – first time shopping in a mall on a Saturday in over a year? not smart)

I purchased amazing boots at Topshop. and lots of baggy short sweaters to wear over button ups. Heck yeah clausterphobia totally worth it.

The rest of the evening was spent working and checking out the beautiful sunset right outside our windows. (Oh hi moon!)

And have I also mentioned how adorable our kitty Max is? He pretty much spent the whole weekend sleeping in the most adorable poses – all cuter than the previous. My favourite so far has to be the time where he slept with his two front paws covering his face. Totally distracting.



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